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September 28, 2011

Sorting things and packing has been a bit of an eye-opener. We keep feeling the urge to just sell it all and be truly free. It’s like that saying, you don’t possess things, they possess you. Some things are easy to get rid of–the kitchen gadgets gathering dust, books we didn’t really like, clothes we only wore once, etc. Others, like that box of miscellaneous stuff from our past that we’ve carried around for 10+ years, not so easy. And we’ve wondered why the heck we lugged a box of outdated computer parts through 3+ moves, simply because we had room to keep them and might need them someday… Admittedly, we could just sell it all, but right now I don’t think we’re ready to make that kind of commitment to this “crazy” plan of ours. But looking around the house, we couldn’t help but wonder if we ever truly needed all this stuff, and what we could have done with that money instead. Which is more fulfilling–a house full of stuff and distractions, or photo albums full of memories from experiencing life instead? Thing is, creature comforts are nice when you don’t have enough time off from work to really travel that much…

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New Home.

September 28, 2011

Yes, I’ve already moved our blog and we’ve had it for less than two weeks!  I read more about Blogspot and decided that WordPress was a better fit.  So, hi again!


We’re really doing it.

September 14, 2011

Ok, first of all, I must explain the blog title. When we got our travel trailer this spring, we were joking around about what to name her. Then, I extended the slide for the first time and BING – she’s the TARDIS! Bigger on the inside! If you’re not familiar with the BBC show Doctor Who this may be a bit confusing, but to make a long story short the Doctor travels through time and space in a time machine that looks like a phone box, but when you open the doors it’s bigger on the inside. Much, much bigger. If you’ve never watched Doctor Who before, I highly recommend it.

So yes, we are now the owners of a travel trailer. But I wouldn’t be creating a blog simply about a recreational vehicle if there weren’t more to it than weekend trips or summer vacations. We are moving all of our worldly possessions that won’t fit in the TARDIS into a storage unit, and living in her full time. We’re not planning on leaving the local area right now, my husband will continue to work where he currently works, but we’ll be alternating between state parks and COE campgrounds on Clark’s Hill Lake (Strom Thurmond lake to South Carolinians).
Right now, I am still sitting in a rented house in suburbia, but the excitement really hit me this past weekend when we were checking out the parks that we have since reserved for our first month of freedom. The landlord has been notified of our upcoming departure, as have the utilities (goodbye $400 power bill!) and other services. It’s getting real now, and I probably should be packing instead of blogging, lol. Our daughter Audrey (3) is excited, she was disappointed that the trips to the campgrounds over the weekend weren’t actual camping trips.
Anyway, that’s it so far–we’re probably going to be busy preparing, so I may not have another post for a bit.
Here’s a picture from our first weekend trip this summer.
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