September 28, 2011

Sorting things and packing has been a bit of an eye-opener. We keep feeling the urge to just sell it all and be truly free. It’s like that saying, you don’t possess things, they possess you. Some things are easy to get rid of–the kitchen gadgets gathering dust, books we didn’t really like, clothes we only wore once, etc. Others, like that box of miscellaneous stuff from our past that we’ve carried around for 10+ years, not so easy. And we’ve wondered why the heck we lugged a box of outdated computer parts through 3+ moves, simply because we had room to keep them and might need them someday… Admittedly, we could just sell it all, but right now I don’t think we’re ready to make that kind of commitment to this “crazy” plan of ours. But looking around the house, we couldn’t help but wonder if we ever truly needed all this stuff, and what we could have done with that money instead. Which is more fulfilling–a house full of stuff and distractions, or photo albums full of memories from experiencing life instead? Thing is, creature comforts are nice when you don’t have enough time off from work to really travel that much…

I suppose we’ve started to feel like suburbia/modern life is a trap. We take vacations to get away from the day-to-day, and vacation time is precious. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day/days in the weekend to do much more than work, eat, veg out in front of the TV/computer consuming the latest in herd entertainment, and sleep. Many weekends were spent keeping up those possessions (house, yard, etc.) so that we fit in or at least don’t rock the boat too much. I suspect it’s designed that way–we’ve become part of a society that works to afford (or worse yet, finance) the things that trap us and keep us “entertained” so that we keep buying into the system. Even though we tried not to get sucked in, we have found it difficult sometimes simply because we exist within the constructs. We’re hoping that opting out (well, partially to start) and limiting our access to “the feed” will give us the chance to see life for what it really is. We’ve had our canoe for years, but it typically sees the water less than 3 times a year. But in a few weeks we’ll be living on a lake in a state park, with miles of hiking trails and wildlife, and within just a few hours of a lot more activities. I won’t be cleaning 1600 square feet, more like 200, leaving much more time for exploring the world around us and sharing that experience with our kids. I hope I’m not romanticizing things in my mind, but I can’t help but feeling excited at the prospect.



  1. Nice job on your blog 🙂
    We are going through the same process of releasing ‘stuff’, except we have been in the same home for 16 YEARS…you cannot imagine the stuff! We are almost done and it feels GREAT. 🙂
    Just curious, why do you prefer wordpress over blogspot? I am new to the whole blogging thing too.

    • I’ve read that folks are less likely to read blogspot because there are so many spamblogs, and it only took an hour of messing around on WordPress to like the interface more.

      16 years, wow. Good luck! We got rid of a lot in our last move (from a house with a semi-finished basement to one without, so all the old furniture and junk that “furnished” the basement had to go) but paring down again is still pretty overwhelming.

  2. This sounds so exciting. You are such an inspiration. Here I am terrified of even having children and you are cramming your whole family into an RV. I am sure you will find your challenges but your family will always have this to remember and stories to gain from this experience.

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