Settling in?

October 12, 2011

While we’re not exactly “on the road” (we have to stay close to Adam’s work during the week), it’s strange to say “settling in” because we’ve already moved once in the same campground, and will only be staying here for another week and 1/2 before heading to a different campground.

We love our new campsite!  We lucked out on Sunday and snagged a perfect site–it is much more protected, has a little deck overlooking the lake, a trail to the beach, and is right across from a really nice bath house with a laundry room.  Audrey played with her sidewalk chalk while I folded laundry.  We are one of only two campers on this loop right now, so it seems super private.  We went on a walk along the beach the first day here and found persimmon trees, Audrey and Adam had never eaten one before.  Only one was ripe, but it was yummy!  The weather has been rather dreary, we haven’t been able to put our awning out because of the wind/storms, and I’m trying to work out a solution to the cold and damp that seems to be invading the trailer.  It’s supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend though, so hopefully a good airing out will help.

I’m in the process of making the TARDIS feel a little more home-y, I put a Van Gogh inspired Doctor Who poster above our bed, and added a magnetic board to the non-magnetic fridge.  I found a “Tardis Sweet Tardis” cross stitch pattern on Etsy, I haven’t cross stitched since I was a kid, so it should be fun to have a project.  We ran to town yesterday and Audrey had her first “real” haircut (she’s only had trims so far, mostly by me).  She had tangled it up really bad the day before and it took me at least 20 minutes to get the knots out of her tender head.  She was also having trouble keeping it out of her face with the lake winds, so she was happy about the new style.  I think it will be much lower maintenance, a boon with our new lifestyle.

A few more pictures:


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