First week

October 17, 2011

Well, we made it through our first week, it’s been great.  The weather finally cleared up at the end of the week and we were able to put up our awning.  We’ve taken the canoe out several times, exploring nearby coves and a nice little island just across the channel.  We also went fishing, it was a little complicated in our canoe, but Audrey managed to catch the first fish!  It was tiny, but she was thrilled.  The cats have both been outside on the harness, Callie likes it a little too much, while Nora just wants to get back to the camper as quickly as possible.  Adam put up the hammock we got in Mexico for the first time, it’s much too comfortable.  A new neighbor came by to give us some homegrown tomatoes (mmm) and said “You better not let him put that swing thing up, it’ll make him lazy!”

I think this weather is spoiling us a little too much though, these sunny 80-85 degree days aren’t going to last long, in fact the forecast is calling for rain starting tomorrow night and lower temps.  ::sigh::  I also find myself planning the week’s meals around the weather, having Adam cooking on the grill gives me more space to cook in the galley.  I have just slightly more than 1 square foot of counter space, but managed to make Indian chicken makhani the other night!  We’re still trying to work out a few kinks, it’s interesting living when you have to be constantly aware of your water usage, potty usage (feline and human), propane, trash production, and so forth.

Internet access has been surprisingly good here, hopefully that will continue when we move to another campsite next weekend.  I’m currently sitting outside using my cell as a hotspot for my netbook.  🙂 Here are pics from this week:



  1. I think this is truly awesome! Bigger on the inside- what a wonderful tagline and concept.
    I lived with the kids in a camper for a month. The only problem was that it rained, and rained, and rained… I had fantasized about plenty of outdoor time but it never happened. And I got a horrible inflamed nerve from sleeping on the camper bed for a month. But… the public library was our best friend, and if we’d had to do it any longer I know we would have found other resources. I love that you are doing it. Did you keep your house or sell up?

    • Thanks, Kim! We weren’t able to sell the house in NC so it’s up for rent now, and we were just renting the house here in GA and just moved into the tardis when the lease was up. It’s been alternating between gorgeous (sunny and in the upper 80’s) to dreary and rainy. We had a fabulous weekend, but it’s back to windy and rainy today. We’ve been doing crafts, right now Audrey is making a necklace with pony beads while I’m cross stitching a “Tardis Sweet Tardis” design, hehe. I think that months of this weather would get to me, and we plan on staying here in GA for a while to start with, but there are quite a few things to do around here (including the awesome library that Audrey got her first library card at). Also, it worked out that one of our mattresses from the house fit our bed in the master (a double, but we slept on a double for the first 3 years of our marriage, hehe) and we threw the foam mattress on top of it so it’s like having a plush pillowtop. 🙂

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