Cooking in the TARDIS

October 27, 2011

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, but pictures of the entire process have been the hardest part.  I had been thinking about starting a camper cooking blog, because I haven’t found many that don’t rely on convenience foods.  While a little convenience is necessary due to the lack of storage space, I try to make things from scratch as much as possible, and plan around what the CSA has in season.  I hate buying chicken stock, for example, but I don’t have room for a pot’s worth of homemade stock in my freezer either.  I didn’t bring a single bottle of salad dressing, instead I made a balsamic vinaigrette in a little Mason jelly jar (former home of local honey) for my lunch salad.  Why take up more space with dressing when I have the ingredients on hand already?

I’ve been using the campsite grill a LOT, we need to get a portable one for the camper so that we can keep that up.  I’ve only gotten the toaster oven out from under the dinette once, and then when I cut open the spaghetti squash it was rotten (HATE that, it’s happened 3 times!) so I put it back.  When I got a new squash I ended up grilling it instead.  Seems that the cylon may be included on the next trip to drop excess baggage into storage, but I’m waiting until the weather has changed to make that decision.  Other than that, the only appliances I brought were a combo skillet/slow cooker (metal crock, so it can go on the stove for searing), mini food processor, stick blender, and coffee grinder.  I’m trying to be very Alton Brown and only have multitaskers since I have such limited space.

I’m going to share a fail meal, mainly because I got pictures of all but the final product plated.  It was not very appealing on paper plates anyway, we don’t have a grey water dump here and I only just now got a dish pan to do dishes outdoors, so the Corelle will get more use.   It’s a fail dish because the turnips and greens were SUPER bitter.  I love greens–kale, collards, spinach, you name it, so it wasn’t just me.  We ended up eating ham and strawberries, lol.

Pictures/descriptions here:


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