Back at Mistletoe

November 7, 2011

I intend to do a full review later, but we’re happy to be back at Mistletoe State Park already!  I hate to say it, but we missed heated bath houses and grey water dumps. It’s the little things–we haven’t quite gotten up to speed for boondocking, and aren’t quite ready to hit the road for real yet either, so little perks like that are nice when staying local to an area that is starting to see the first frosts.  While we’re plenty used to tent camping at hike-in sites, that was for a weekend, not every day.

We went hiking yesterday, it was gorgeous.  We hiked the Cliatt Creek trail and part of the Rock Dam trail–we were amazed that Audrey made it the whole way, especially realizing that it was over 3 miles!  She only asked to be carried once, and it was almost time to sit down and take a picnic lunch anyway, so she regained her energy and was good all the way back.  I was surprised at how challenging part of the Rock Dam trail was–we initially thought that this was all day hike stuff, but keeping a 3-year-old from tumbling down a gorge into a lake was kinda tricky!  Fun though, even though my legs were quite sore (and feet blistery, as I was breaking new boots in on what I thought was a quick day hike, lol) once we got back.  Even then, we took a long walk along the beach to the playground on the other loop, and Adam even did some fishing and caught an almost but not quite big enough to eat bass.  Days like this are why I’m so glad we did this.

Here are some pictures:



  1. I am absolutely…just…I am so happy for the three of you!!!
    You’ve got me considering our options out here, too. May I ask what commuting and stuff is like? Is Adam’s job being considerate or is he going to be able to telecommute sometimes?
    I keep telling Robert that i want to downsize. I don’t think I was ever happier with my living arrangement than when I was in my little 282sq ft studio. I…loved it. Everything in there was there because I cared about it…not junk because I had room for it.
    I’m planning to convince him that we can either 1) move into a little vintage cottage (tons around here) at +- 600sqFt…or look into something similar that you two have done.
    I’m tired of ‘affording’ it out here- while minimally saving- and spending our weekends cleaning. It’s just dumb. Especially when we live in SAN DIEGO.

    • Adam’s commute is a bit longer (about 45 minutes) but the quality of the time spent here otherwise seems to make up for it. Things may change in the near future but the main thing is that after work, instead of vegging out watching the 6 (or less, depending on weather) TV channels we get here, we typically go on a boat ride, take a hike around the campsites, talk around a fire, etc. Right now we’re getting our camper legs and figuring out what we want to do, really.

      Downsizing was awesome, we have a huge storage unit and already after just a little over a month of living like this, I’ve forgotten about most of it, lol. I kinda wish we’d had time to have a huge yard sale when we still had a yard! The benefit of living in a mobile situation is even if you have to stay in a general area for work, you can still go out and visit other places on the weekends, and bring your home with you. We’re traveling up to NC for Thanksgiving, and our TARDIS (and the cats, of course) are coming along. 🙂 We may do Christmas in Savannah or Charleston. We met our “neighbors” (for a week) and they’re both retired teachers– the wife writes children’s books about Georgia history and does readings/sells them at schools across the state, and the husband is an excellent guitarist, it was really cool to meet them. I got some books for Audrey and she signed them for her. 🙂

      Quite a few fulltime families that I have encountered online love southern CA, particularly during the winter, so you’re in the perfect place for this.

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