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January 7, 2012

I didn’t think we’d be having this discussion already, but we’re debating what to do with the stuff we have in storage.  Honestly, if I didn’t know that we could get money for at least some of it, and needed to fish out the sentimental stuff, I’d say just leave it.  The huge sectional couch?  It nearly killed us.  Much too comfortable, and only led to letting life happen around us while we watched the big screen TV and gained weight.  The nice bedroom set?  All the clothes we need fit in the tiny cabinets and closet here in the camper.   The aging computers?  Aside from the pictures and stuff on the hard drives, not much use now.  The kitchen gadgets–big food processor, bread machine, mixer, etc.  We don’t even eat bread now, but I do occasionally miss the food processor (like when I want to render kidney tallow or make coconut cream), and I can mix most anything either by hand or with my stick blender.  Audrey has outgrown a number of the toys in storage in just these past few months–heck, her toy box in the camper gets little use.  She has found much more joy in our frequent library trips than her stack of books in storage.  Do princesses wear hiking boots?  Heck yea.  We don’t have a yard to mow or blow, so the mower and blower….  You get the gist.  I think the only reason why we didn’t liquidate these things in the first place was that we weren’t entirely sure this would be what we wanted to do.  It is, at least so far, and now…the weight of the storage payments are starting to feel like dead weight.  ::sigh::  I’ve had my moments–the dreary, rainy, windy, cold days don’t make me love this life.  The freedom however keeps me in check.  Sure, we can’t just go wherever we want tomorrow, but we will eventually, and living without certain luxuries has been eye opening and wonderful in it’s own way.  Walking in the cold rain to get laundry from the bath house–yeah, I miss our washer and dryer, but I don’t miss the weight I’ve lost (and strength gained) since having to be more physical in the day to day.  Trying to entertain Audrey when I’m busy with housecamperwork but being outside is not an option–a pain, but necessary, and I’ve moved to more educational options than just turning on Nick Jr. and hoping she doesn’t want the newest kid fad toys that she sees in the commercials.  Her Christmas list this year was a bicycle, slippers, a doll (that looks like her, that was a bit of a challenge since she has brown hair and blue eyes) and chapstick.  Taking a bag of trash up to the dumpster is an adventure.  We went on a short hike to another area of the state park on our way back from the dumpster, and discovered purple clay (Audrey’s favorite color) while walking back on the shoreline.  It was educational for me too, apparently purple clay is revered in Chinese culture and used to make adored and expensive teapots.

We also desire outside events and adventures more often, and seek them out.  I’ve learned a lot more about the area we’re in than in the entire year we spent here renting a house.  I guess that says something for the damage “the feed” does…