April 27, 2012

I have been horrible about posting to the blog, sorry guys.  I’m still trying to figure out a good way to share pictures because WP and Picasa don’t play well with each other.  I’m not sure I’m a fan of the changes (apparently Picasa and G+ are one now?) so if you could suggest a good WordPress friendly pic hosting site, I’d appreciate it.

The past few months have been fun, most notably Xavier came to stay with us over his Spring Break.  We were still at Mistletoe State Park, Adam had to work during the first part of the week but the kids and I found plenty of stuff to do around the park, and it was already warm enough to swim.  I turned into a lobster on Easter thanks to an ill-fated (but hilarious) day out on the canoe.  We went to a nice sandy beach to swim and play, and then when it was time to head back we noticed the boat had quite a bit of water in it.  The wind had picked up, and we were against it on the way back.  The trolling motor gave out about halfway there, and Xavier was taking turns paddling and bailing out water.  It was quite an adventure!

Adam had Thursday and Friday off, so we headed down to Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta for the weekend.  We spent Friday in Atlanta, our main objective was the Georgia Aquarium, that was amazing.  We had to keep reminding Audrey that it was real, and that the tanks weren’t TV’s.  She loved the dolphin show in particular, as well as the penguins.  After riding around in circles trying to find Little 5 Points (so many new developments, ugh) we finally found it and had dinner at a little Thai restaurant.  Xavier had sushi for the first time and loved it!  😀  We spent Saturday at Stone Mountain–went on the cable car to the top of the mountain, that was a  bit nauseating for me, but the views were spectacular.  Audrey couldn’t believe that those “tiny buildings” in the distance were the big city we’d just been in.  Then we went to the park attractions (sort-of a theme park really)–Audrey really wanted to ride the train.  Xavier braved the SkyHike, the wait was too long for Adam or I to go though.  I really want to try it this summer.  When you stay at the campground, you get 2 days at the park attractions for the price of 1–the second day is good all year, so we plan to go back.  The campground is nice–a bit expensive, but we had full hookups and even cable TV.  The bath houses are nice with large laundry rooms, and there is a big common area with a volleyball court, playground, picnic tables, and swimming pool.  We can’t wait to go back, but this time we will definitely go back to the RV to eat–the prices on food in the park itself are ridiculous (especially for the quality of food, blech).  The laser light show on the mountain that night was awesome–I tried to get pictures but it was too dark.  It was certainly worth waiting on the shuttle bus to/from the campground.

We’re in the city now, it’s strange.  While I definitely miss the lake, the lot rent here is much cheaper, full hookups are nice, and Adam’s commute is much shorter.  We still plan to spend at least 1 weekend a month (if not more) up at the lake though.  It is nice not having to drive 30-45 minutes just to go grocery shopping.  We also renewed our YMCA membership, so there are workouts, swim lessons, ballet classes, and the water park pool on our agenda now.  We are also thinking about trying out an Aikido school in town.  It’s getting hot already (high today was a surprising 97!), I’m afraid to see what the hottest part of summer brings us…

For now, here’s a link to our pictures (at least until I come up with a better solution):



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  1. When I’m not uploading straight to our website server, I upload to facebook and then use the code to link it 🙂

    A laser light show on the mountain sounds terrific!

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