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Sad, but true.

August 10, 2012

The TARDIS is sitting in the driveway of our newly rented sticks-and-bricks (a.k.a. house) in Cleveland, TN.  She’s begging for a good deep cleaning after being our home on wheels for 9 months.  All the stuff that we were ready to let go of earlier this year has been retrieved from storage.  I’m overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it, and wonder why we ever thought we needed all of this stuff in the first place.  I see a yard sale in our future…

It feels weird, even though we never really were “on the road”–we were just living in our RV on the outskirts of where work was, moving to a different campground every couple of weeks, and taking occasional jaunts elsewhere.  Thing is, we had awesome times with the TARDIS between my last post and this one, and I want to share those and explain why we’ve taken this hiatus, so this will be brief to start.   The TARDIS may not have transported us very far, but she did help change the way we see the world we live in.