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Review – Petersburg Campground

November 3, 2011

Petersburg Campground is pretty popular, it’s an Army Corps of Engineers campground, the only one that is open year-round, and the closest to Augusta, GA.  Reservations should be made in advance, even during the fall we did not have many choices for our 2 week stay.  We’ve had many neighbors come and go, and while not full, the weekends are quite busy.  The sites are pretty nice, most seem to be level, and they all have a fire ring, charcoal grill, picnic table, trash hanger, electric, and water.  There are two dump stations at the entrance, unfortunately the water hoses do not have fittings, so back flushing our black tank was a bit tricky.  We were at site 53, gorgeous sunsets.  We definitely missed the grey water dump that we had at Mistletoe State Park though.  (Review to come, we are going back there this weekend for another stay and I wanted to combine the experiences.)  The lake is very pretty here, but unfortunately very low due to the drought.  We haven’t taken out the canoe here yet because the shoreline is quicksand–I saw a neighbor sink knee deep in the mud trying to launch his kayak.  Bathhouses are a hike from most campsites, the closest to our site is a 5 minute walk (with a 3-year-old) on a trail through the woods.  They are very basic, but the showers work well and they’re relatively clean for what they are.  Needless to say, we had to break in our portable “stinky wagon” to dump the tanks during our 2 week stay.  The bath houses are also “open air” (screened windows and no heat) so with the weather getting cold, Adam has had to endure his morning shower while it’s 32 degrees and dark.  😦  Audrey and I waited until the afternoon when possible.  There is one bath house across the campground that has laundry, and it seems that the sites around it are the most booked.  The playground, swim beach, and group picnic shelter are on that loop as well.  On laundry days Audrey and I took a picnic lunch and walked the trail from the laundry to the picnic area/playground while waiting on clothes to wash.  Another nice thing about Petersburg is that it’s a shorter commute to Evans and Augusta compared to Mistletoe State Park.  One thing that we wanted to do is hike Bartram Trail, we would have liked to trek that down to the recreation area at the Strom Thurmond dam.  Maybe next time!

Here are some pictures from our stay:

Petersburg Campground