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Sad, but true.

August 10, 2012

The TARDIS is sitting in the driveway of our newly rented sticks-and-bricks (a.k.a. house) in Cleveland, TN.  She’s begging for a good deep cleaning after being our home on wheels for 9 months.  All the stuff that we were ready to let go of earlier this year has been retrieved from storage.  I’m overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it, and wonder why we ever thought we needed all of this stuff in the first place.  I see a yard sale in our future…

It feels weird, even though we never really were “on the road”–we were just living in our RV on the outskirts of where work was, moving to a different campground every couple of weeks, and taking occasional jaunts elsewhere.  Thing is, we had awesome times with the TARDIS between my last post and this one, and I want to share those and explain why we’ve taken this hiatus, so this will be brief to start.   The TARDIS may not have transported us very far, but she did help change the way we see the world we live in.



July 3, 2012




January 7, 2012

I didn’t think we’d be having this discussion already, but we’re debating what to do with the stuff we have in storage.  Honestly, if I didn’t know that we could get money for at least some of it, and needed to fish out the sentimental stuff, I’d say just leave it.  The huge sectional couch?  It nearly killed us.  Much too comfortable, and only led to letting life happen around us while we watched the big screen TV and gained weight.  The nice bedroom set?  All the clothes we need fit in the tiny cabinets and closet here in the camper.   The aging computers?  Aside from the pictures and stuff on the hard drives, not much use now.  The kitchen gadgets–big food processor, bread machine, mixer, etc.  We don’t even eat bread now, but I do occasionally miss the food processor (like when I want to render kidney tallow or make coconut cream), and I can mix most anything either by hand or with my stick blender.  Audrey has outgrown a number of the toys in storage in just these past few months–heck, her toy box in the camper gets little use.  She has found much more joy in our frequent library trips than her stack of books in storage.  Do princesses wear hiking boots?  Heck yea.  We don’t have a yard to mow or blow, so the mower and blower….  You get the gist.  I think the only reason why we didn’t liquidate these things in the first place was that we weren’t entirely sure this would be what we wanted to do.  It is, at least so far, and now…the weight of the storage payments are starting to feel like dead weight.  ::sigh::  I’ve had my moments–the dreary, rainy, windy, cold days don’t make me love this life.  The freedom however keeps me in check.  Sure, we can’t just go wherever we want tomorrow, but we will eventually, and living without certain luxuries has been eye opening and wonderful in it’s own way.  Walking in the cold rain to get laundry from the bath house–yeah, I miss our washer and dryer, but I don’t miss the weight I’ve lost (and strength gained) since having to be more physical in the day to day.  Trying to entertain Audrey when I’m busy with housecamperwork but being outside is not an option–a pain, but necessary, and I’ve moved to more educational options than just turning on Nick Jr. and hoping she doesn’t want the newest kid fad toys that she sees in the commercials.  Her Christmas list this year was a bicycle, slippers, a doll (that looks like her, that was a bit of a challenge since she has brown hair and blue eyes) and chapstick.  Taking a bag of trash up to the dumpster is an adventure.  We went on a short hike to another area of the state park on our way back from the dumpster, and discovered purple clay (Audrey’s favorite color) while walking back on the shoreline.  It was educational for me too, apparently purple clay is revered in Chinese culture and used to make adored and expensive teapots.

We also desire outside events and adventures more often, and seek them out.  I’ve learned a lot more about the area we’re in than in the entire year we spent here renting a house.  I guess that says something for the damage “the feed” does…


Back at Mistletoe

November 7, 2011

I intend to do a full review later, but we’re happy to be back at Mistletoe State Park already!  I hate to say it, but we missed heated bath houses and grey water dumps. It’s the little things–we haven’t quite gotten up to speed for boondocking, and aren’t quite ready to hit the road for real yet either, so little perks like that are nice when staying local to an area that is starting to see the first frosts.  While we’re plenty used to tent camping at hike-in sites, that was for a weekend, not every day.

We went hiking yesterday, it was gorgeous.  We hiked the Cliatt Creek trail and part of the Rock Dam trail–we were amazed that Audrey made it the whole way, especially realizing that it was over 3 miles!  She only asked to be carried once, and it was almost time to sit down and take a picnic lunch anyway, so she regained her energy and was good all the way back.  I was surprised at how challenging part of the Rock Dam trail was–we initially thought that this was all day hike stuff, but keeping a 3-year-old from tumbling down a gorge into a lake was kinda tricky!  Fun though, even though my legs were quite sore (and feet blistery, as I was breaking new boots in on what I thought was a quick day hike, lol) once we got back.  Even then, we took a long walk along the beach to the playground on the other loop, and Adam even did some fishing and caught an almost but not quite big enough to eat bass.  Days like this are why I’m so glad we did this.

Here are some pictures:


Cooking in the TARDIS

October 27, 2011

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, but pictures of the entire process have been the hardest part.  I had been thinking about starting a camper cooking blog, because I haven’t found many that don’t rely on convenience foods.  While a little convenience is necessary due to the lack of storage space, I try to make things from scratch as much as possible, and plan around what the CSA has in season.  I hate buying chicken stock, for example, but I don’t have room for a pot’s worth of homemade stock in my freezer either.  I didn’t bring a single bottle of salad dressing, instead I made a balsamic vinaigrette in a little Mason jelly jar (former home of local honey) for my lunch salad.  Why take up more space with dressing when I have the ingredients on hand already?

I’ve been using the campsite grill a LOT, we need to get a portable one for the camper so that we can keep that up.  I’ve only gotten the toaster oven out from under the dinette once, and then when I cut open the spaghetti squash it was rotten (HATE that, it’s happened 3 times!) so I put it back.  When I got a new squash I ended up grilling it instead.  Seems that the cylon may be included on the next trip to drop excess baggage into storage, but I’m waiting until the weather has changed to make that decision.  Other than that, the only appliances I brought were a combo skillet/slow cooker (metal crock, so it can go on the stove for searing), mini food processor, stick blender, and coffee grinder.  I’m trying to be very Alton Brown and only have multitaskers since I have such limited space.

I’m going to share a fail meal, mainly because I got pictures of all but the final product plated.  It was not very appealing on paper plates anyway, we don’t have a grey water dump here and I only just now got a dish pan to do dishes outdoors, so the Corelle will get more use.   It’s a fail dish because the turnips and greens were SUPER bitter.  I love greens–kale, collards, spinach, you name it, so it wasn’t just me.  We ended up eating ham and strawberries, lol.

Pictures/descriptions here:


New Home.

September 28, 2011

Yes, I’ve already moved our blog and we’ve had it for less than two weeks!  I read more about Blogspot and decided that WordPress was a better fit.  So, hi again!


We’re really doing it.

September 14, 2011

Ok, first of all, I must explain the blog title. When we got our travel trailer this spring, we were joking around about what to name her. Then, I extended the slide for the first time and BING – she’s the TARDIS! Bigger on the inside! If you’re not familiar with the BBC show Doctor Who this may be a bit confusing, but to make a long story short the Doctor travels through time and space in a time machine that looks like a phone box, but when you open the doors it’s bigger on the inside. Much, much bigger. If you’ve never watched Doctor Who before, I highly recommend it.

So yes, we are now the owners of a travel trailer. But I wouldn’t be creating a blog simply about a recreational vehicle if there weren’t more to it than weekend trips or summer vacations. We are moving all of our worldly possessions that won’t fit in the TARDIS into a storage unit, and living in her full time. We’re not planning on leaving the local area right now, my husband will continue to work where he currently works, but we’ll be alternating between state parks and COE campgrounds on Clark’s Hill Lake (Strom Thurmond lake to South Carolinians).
Right now, I am still sitting in a rented house in suburbia, but the excitement really hit me this past weekend when we were checking out the parks that we have since reserved for our first month of freedom. The landlord has been notified of our upcoming departure, as have the utilities (goodbye $400 power bill!) and other services. It’s getting real now, and I probably should be packing instead of blogging, lol. Our daughter Audrey (3) is excited, she was disappointed that the trips to the campgrounds over the weekend weren’t actual camping trips.
Anyway, that’s it so far–we’re probably going to be busy preparing, so I may not have another post for a bit.
Here’s a picture from our first weekend trip this summer.
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