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Long time, no see.

December 7, 2011

Sorry I have been lax about updating the blog, November was a busy month and December is shaping up to be one as well.  Aside from visiting family in NC over Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve been hanging out at Mistletoe State Park, and even had family visit us here earlier in November.  We’re big fans of this state park–while it may be a bit pricey, it’s still cheaper than our rent/utilities by a long shot, and we receive a 10% discount as Friends of Georgia State Parks, and the GA State Parks camper club gets us a free night of camping every 10 nights.  The views and wildlife are wonderful, the hiking trails are a lot of fun, and in general it’s just a nice place to be.  Having heated bath houses with laundry facilities within a short walk of the campsite is also huge perk.  We’ve gotten familiar with the rangers, camp hosts, and even some of the campers that stay for more than just a weekend.  I wish I’d had more time for volunteering, but Audrey keeps me pretty busy along with day-to-day chores and cooking meals from scratch most nights.  I do sorely wish I had a hitch on my Subaru, because dumping the “stinky wagon” should not be something a tired husband has to do in the dark after a long day at work.  😦  Anyway, my phone is misbehaving so I don’t have any pictures to post this time.  I promise a better post soon!